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At skinMEDxour goal is to make your dreams come true.

Aging is part of life, but with our highly trained staff, it does not have to compromise how you look or feel about yourself. Through scientific research, the ability to counteract the process of aging has been accomplished; it enables our team to reduce the effects of too-early aging.

The results of anti-aging services do not only have external benefits, but it also can have the internal benefits of feeling better about yourself and restoring your confidence. Our medical experts at skinMedx Center have helped countless patients gain their confidence back and live a happier life.

Our team of trained professionals will make your visit as comfortable as possible and give you the best care and service that they can provide. Today, could be the first day of the new you! Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation and begin your journey to a younger looking you.

Aesthetic Treatments for Men and Women in Orange County

At skinMEDxcenter we offer a variety of cosmetic services.

We understand that men and women have different aesthetic goals and that is why we specialize our services to serve both men and women. While other centers focus mainly on women, we believe that men have the right to look and feel their best too.

Men, look no further because at skinMedx Center we are dedicated to providing you with top of the line services to help you look and feel young again. We offer unique services to suit the needs and desires of our male patients

We understand that you may be unsure about whether cosmetic services are right for you. At skinMedx Center, we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about a cosmetic procedure for you.

Medical Skin Services in Orange County

At skinMEDx we offer medical skin care services such as, facials, peels and advanced peels.

Our list of facials includes: The skinMedx Signature, Anti-Aging, Acne Facial and Microderm Abrasion. Our peels include: Anti-Aging/Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne Peels and Sensitive Skin/Rosacea Peels. Our advanced peels include: TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peel, Jessners Peel and our Oxygen Treatment.

We take an individualized approach for every patient in order to address his or her specific aesthetic goals. We will base our treatment plan on any possible health of medical issues you may have. Our goal is to make the entire process easy for our patients, from the initial consultation to post-procedure assistance.

If you would like to learn more about each procedure and how they can improve your overall skin’s appearance please contact us today.