Regenerative Medicine

Prolotherapy for Neck and Back Pain

Prolotherapy is a natural, nonsurgical method of assisting the body to heal injured tendons and ligaments. Prolotherapy is an injection of dextrose, which causes inflammation in a tendon, muscle, joint, or ligament. Prolotherapy treatments promote healing in injured tendons and ligaments by helping the body make new cells. The treatment causes an increase in nutrient-rich blood cells, causing your body to heal and strengthen an injured or weakened area. Your own body does the work to grow healthy and strong new tissue. As the tissue grows and strengthens, your joint begins to operate properly, and your pain dissipates. Many patients enjoy a permanent recovery from their symptoms and go back to living a normal life without joint pain. Prolotherapy allows you to live a pain free life without undergoing an invasive surgery, with no general anesthesia, a minimal recovery time, and no hospital stay.

PRP Treatments in Orange County

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is more effective in cases with severe damage. This treatment works by isolating the platelets from your own blood and re-injecting the plasma into the area where it is needed. The platelets in your blood contain growth and healing factors and play a large part in your body’s natural healing process. By injecting these platelets into areas with chronic pain, the treatment stimulates natural inflammation and helps your body heal all on its own. Your body’s natural healing response helps form strong, new tissue in the affected area. PRP is noninvasive and permanent, meaning you can live a pain free life without undergoing surgery.

PRP Treatments Cause This Patient To Get Emotional Describing Her Journey

Having broke her knee in three places, she was told her only option was "surgery eventually". Listen as she describes the her joy at completing a 12 hour shift on her feet all day, without pain. She never would have believed this was possible.